Multi Family

Avalon Metropole – Avalon Catalina

Avalon Metropole – Avalon Catalina

Island design is different the on the mainland. Jim was required to have 2 city council hearings and 3 city planning hearings to receive the approval for this project. In the end were received approvals for a 6 unit stepping down a steep hillside with any required parking. We received approvals for 6 gold carts on the roof top level with the street. Each unit has a front and back door allowing for splitting each large unit into 2 units for a total of 12 units if the codes or ADU end up allowing for it. Again, flexibility is always on our minds.

Homeless Housing Concept

Homeless Housing Concept

The concept of homeless, transitional, or refugee housing is not an easy one. Those who grew up in or worked in a community deserves support at least at a minimum level. These should be rights. If someone has come from another community then maybe there could be a different approach of federal $s to cover those expenses. It is our concept anyone looking to get free housing needs to put in some sweat equity like with Habitat for Humanity. There are many parameters to view with all housing issues. We know all types of housing are essential. We are aware that there is a society need and goal to get people off the streets within the communities. We know these same people need to feel protected and given a second chance at a more normal life. We know supportive counselling and other support methods need to be integrated into any facility for their living. The cost to business and society is very high just keeping individuals off the streets. Let’s look at the overview, the big picture and work together to resolve this situation. Look at JHAI’s web site and past support of our communities and see if we can be of assistance. Please get back to us on our ideas and let’s get some site, funding, and developers activated so we can take this to the next step of actually designing, getting approvals, and construction of projects that start to address all our concerns. We are looking for sites and funding sources to achieve these necessary goals. We are open to all and varying site conditions and will propose material, manufacturer, community, government, financing opportunities specifically designed for these housing issues. We want to be part of the solution as individuals and through JHAI.

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Homeless Housing Concept

PMI Center Court

We helped to define the relocation of the parking at west end of the property parking to the south side "future dedication" area and provide new apartment units with parking at the west end of the property.

Mariposa Multi-Family

This project consisted of designing a new 6,400 s.f± one-story robotic parking. This 65’ high building was looking to build parking for the existing 40 unit apartment building with a basement. It consists of 7 levels; 6 above and 1 below.

Maclay Multi-Family Building

JHAI designed a 108 Unit, 3-story apartment building over ground floor parking. The typical unit site range was 727 s.f± to 823 s.f± with two (2) bedrooms and two (2) bathrooms with 6 unit types.


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