Milken Institute 27th Annual Global Conference

Notes from the Milken Institute 27th Annual Global Conference

Notes that I took in as discussions within the Milken Institute 27th Annual Global Conference went on over 3 days. This is mostly key words and thoughts I was pulled toward our changing future.


  • “Beauty of your dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Find great ideas
  • Re-define – we now know better – climate destruction is real
  • Elevate the conversation – less inequality – focus your positioning – share wisdom
  • Founder vs CEO – there is a difference
  • Create value! There is a lot of opportunity to make money
  • Get a return based on risk – capitalism is not guaranteed
  • Take nothing for granted – inclusiveness is needed – diversity is equality
  • Use robust tools – AI is out there – training - there is a revolving door of staffing
  • Equity investment – plan ahead for the future – know your mission
  • Break the mold – be mindful of the infrastructure
  • Understand the changing communication methods
  • Bring in the best talented self-motivated people. This is your most important resource
  • Woke – be awake – be aware – be educated
  • Compete around innovation – you need a lot of perspective and diversity of experience from your people
  • Excellence brings in the right staff – do it the right way – be passionate
  • Have empathy – Know others perspectives - ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is still very real
  • Transitioning the economy – plan for green futures – investment in our futures away from fossil fuels
  • Be an advisor – have current information – use new technology energy systems – integrate systems
  • Look for utility waste loss and efficiency –low hanging opportunities – buildings now have a 30%   energy loss
  • Energy needs to be regenerative – all systems and spectrum integration – resilient, de-carbonized
  • Capital investments need to be economic – transition and emerging markets - $s are out there
  • Renewables are very effective – Cradle to Grave thinking – plan ahead – be pragmatic
  • Accelerate the global transition way from earth system damage across all disciplines
  • Use markets to affect change – trading green credits works during transitions
  • Understand permitting issues top to bottom – plan on the extended timing
  • Balance and resiliency – Risk – view the long term – administrative policy changes

·         Happiness and Sustainability: Changing Our Approach to Growth – think of the social effects of others

  • Humanities growth within limits , thew speed of change – how do we get there – long lasting relationships
  • Physical health is the most important – stay connected to others –social connections account for longevity
  • Live for today – plan for the future – there is a healthy balance – protect our Earth Ship
  • Experience - full spectrum – is the best use of funds personally – they do not have to cost $s
  • Capitalism vs Democracy –follow the rule of law. We still need guard rails to protect the vulnerable
  • Invest in the future – infrastructure, housing, health, our people, govern by facts
  • Maximum participation in Democracy – responsiveness – modernization to get more kids voting
  • Walk with freedom – we need trust in the political system, the representatives – use true data, proven facts
  • Societal mobility needs to be returned to the USA – keep on voting – everyone needs to be registered
  • Imperfect institutions still need to be supported – continued regulations modifications need to occur
  • Celebrate life – live out of the box – express yourself – expose your ideas – respect life
  • Technology powering urban innovation – monitor issues - 40% of carbon comes from buildings
  • Select low carbon products in construction - monitor - achieve Net Zero – specifications count
  • Push as far as you can but you need to be practical – clients do look at bottom line – have standards
  • Transformation – view based on real time and challenges – global warming is real – what’s the cost?
  • Change the economic model – what counts for humanity – people vs power and money
  • Demand for sustainability building products is coming down a lot
  • Urban open space and gardens are very important part of design – livability is the key
  • Re-balance for priorities – develop a practice for revitalization and repurpose existing structures
  • Enlightened leadership within city is very important –need get developers with vision
  • The 15 minute cities –walkable – most functions – save time – easy access parking without looking for a spot
  • The space must attract people to work in an environment
  • Transform single use zoning – integrate transportation modes - cars, autonomous cars, trucks, bikes, walk
  • Bring life to your communities and cities – develop a new life style – integrated systems for quality of life
  • Be excited about  the future – live – desire to be – go where no one has gone before
  • Engage with real time – why is it important – what are the new tools
  • Read history – civilizations do fail – know why in your heart
  • Wake up – mind set is changing – flexibility in action and thought – invest for the future in all facets of life
  • Strategic alliances are critical – have friends – work with them – governments to individuals
  • Resilience is  key to get from here there – change is speeding up
  • Governments need to invest in transformation on many levels – pool resources strategically
  • Do not be dependent on other governments or entities –
  • Plan for alternative markets for energy, manufacturing, and AI – keep in mind your security
  • Who you do business with matters
  • AI needs to be designed around truth and curiousness


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