General Retail

Apache Casino

Apache Casino

We were hired to provide Schematic Designs for a 2 story casino for the Apache in New Mexico. Jim had to get his federal Gaming license for the opportunity. From back room security though food service and gambling this was accomplished all under the cover of a Sprung Structure.

Mountain Tire

Mountain Tire

JHAI was brought into this project by a general contractor which changed mid-way through the project. The exterior remodel and access upgrades needed to go through the city planning process under the Specific Plan. This took a long time with almost no design changes. Completed, it matches the neighborhood, as requested by all parties. When you have existing over stressed structures, wide doors for the maintenance of vehicles, and a tight budget, getting the right proportions is not always easy. Having the right design team does. Always start with a good survey.

Harbor Landing

The mixed use retail, office strip mall was in disrepair and outdated. We worked on the master plan for the mall area from the parking lots, many pedestrian entry paths and the bay. Views, landscaping, change of use issues. New entry stairs and patios for 2nd story existing spaces were revised. In this photo you see an old kiosk type pavilion being transformed into a drink type bar layered into the stepped sloping site with ramps and stairs. New outdoor patio, dining, and sitting areas were integrated into the bay front main courtyard. We designed the new restaurant and gym along the waterfront.

T-Mobile Retail

This 600 sf tenant improvement in the Sherman Oaks Galleria was designed to feel much larger. The support spaces are located in the back and used as a screen wall open above to give the retail more volume. Each display is used to direct you further into the space acting as 3 multiple spaces as you progress through this small store. Ceiling floating screens, color, and lighting have all been used to promote this layered concept of dividing space and attracting customers. We completed 4 T-Mobile stores.

Hollywood Camera

The owners on this project wanted a new entry with high impact. The recording and rental studio, which was previously occupied by James Cameron's company Lightstorm Entertainment, was brought up to code, remodeled from an industrial use, and given this new lobby and corporate offices. For studio and camera rental please see their website.


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