We have worked with Legacy Construction & Development, Inc. on many projects. They brought us into their design team as the Executive architects. They needed us to take care of onsite issues, such as: design development, construction documents, and assist in the bidding and construction process throughout the entire length of the project. We worked very closely with each sub-consultant to achieve the owners’ dreams of the re-purposing of an existing building in Van Nuys California. This building is a two story with a roof top penthouse. Parking is all on the concrete roof. The existing two-story space was re-designed into a two-story show room experience. The building is totally changed into a high-end corporate jewel. All aspects from structure, energy and water consumption, to accessibility and a new elevator have been integrated into the facility. This is now has a modern dynamic aesthetic for the entire building, including the exterior and interior. Each aspect is custom designed for the new owner’s preferences. Re-purposing an existing building is one of the environmental types of projects one can do. It is great for the owner, and the community.


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