Office Tenant Improvements

Walnut LLC Property

How do you tie a warehouse type historic building in with a raised foundation shake on an adjacent lot owned by the same person? Budget dictated the concept. Match the shack to the warehouse and connect the 2 buildings with an arcade. The rear parking court was remodeled and a new entry ramp system was built to provide access to the shack. Working with the city planning department kept the historic nature of the area and gave the street an improved presence.

Scotty Building

The Scotty Building is a 2–story Office building earthquake rebuild project for a private owner budgeted to use only received insurance funds. The 34,000 S.F. building had to maintain the original footprint and height while being brought up to all current codes, including the reconstruction of the bridge connecting the existing 5 story building. Our services ranged from programming to construction administration and included the design of a state-of-the-art, energy efficient building which was completed in January 1996.

ACF Property Management

ACF Property Management, INC. (Sherman Oaks, CA) - Having working on the Ventura Boulevard Streetscape Committee for the last 9 years helped us develop this design concept. The landscaped "Bio-Sphere" court yards are pushed to the exterior of the building, in lieu of the interior, providing a physical transition between the public and private areas of the site. 'These zones also act as an atmospheric separation, pre-cooling the ambient air around the building and reducing the cooling loads required for the mechanical system. The opportunity to use our imagination, production and management skills in this one-of-a-kind structure is real treat. ACF Property Management green building features: The use of space with exciting water concepts, Fung Shui, energy saving and earth-friendly building materials.


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