The Folly of Style

Form follow function is the standby for all architectural styles as noted by Louis Sullivan. Less is more was stated by Mies van der Rohe.

In Custom Builder, (by Duo Dickinson, 2/21) it is noted Folly of Style goes back to motivation. The Traditional style is noted as evil, while Modern architecture is more fascist. They note that beauty is both universally felt and individually perceived. Neither has anything to do with style. We begin to live our values but are clueless about what the outcomes may be.

I believe the value of motivation is the criteria for understanding design. It is the beginning of the design process. The motivation does not validate any particular aesthetic. I do not go with style wars as evil or not. Architecture expresses one’s values if one can afford it. If you cannot then maybe you need to reanalyze your motivations and program requirements for a specific design. Maybe a smaller building or space is what your motivation in life can afford. Is it like what you are willing to invest in? What is important to you now and in the future? Think before you jump.