LIFE Podcast: Environmentally Conscious Architecture

In June 2019, I was contacted to be on a Podcast by “L.I.F.E” MicroFame Media. What is L.I.F.E. and what does it stand for? We will never know, but this L.I.F.E. stood for "Luxury in Full Effect”. It was founded by two longtime friends Justin Leigh and David Frangioni. Their adventures have included designing recording studios for rock stars (Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osborne, KISS, Aerosmith) as well as conquering the Beverly Hills real estate market, building the World’s largest Clint Eastwood memorabilia collection, and so much more. David Frangioni, was going to be the one doing the interview. Just days after the interview, we met for lunch to understand each other better as friends. He mentioned how he found me (James Heimler) on our JHAI Website, which was amazing since it showcases all of our projects through the years.

On the day of my interview, I was asked questions such as what sets JHAI apart from the other environmentally sensitive firms. What is Jim Heimler and James Heimler, Architect, Inc. all about, and what were the challenges and opportunities that presented themselves when working on a historically significant project as an Architect. We talked about my beginnings as a kid all the way through school and starting JHAI. I kept leading the discussion back to the big picture on where I stand on Earth.

Be on the lookout for the follow up blog once I get a copy of the tape. The Producer said I did a great job on the first take. The interviewer noted there are few people like me that have our perspective on life and we need to stick together.

Listen to "James Heimler: Environmentally Conscious Architecture" on Spreaker.