Green Wisdom, Inc.

Green Wisdom, Inc.

Why do I help start sustainable and green companies?


My life’s passion is protecting nature, the Earth, all through environmental and social justice. 20 years ago this opportunity presented itself as a ricochet from another group I am a co-sponsor on. The ability I have, so I want to use it.  Helping communities at all levels from a building to the master city-community plan is what I enjoy. Each project also provides the future opportunity for new opportunities. It works in a circular pattern. Either way it all makes me feel good.


In Cotton Plant Arkansas, working with Paula Randall smith and our board of directs and many city government and citizens I developed a master plan for the entire 1 square mile, including 5 miles out. This included all the State and federal highway circulation systems, including the trains. The city was the core of Black Americans but in the 1960s was burned. All Jazz clubs and Black Opera come out of this town.


I worked up a prototype housing unit using our system of ICF and SIP structure elements. We manufacture them, and then use them in our town providing jobs. I worked up a new fire station with similar techniques that the city could use. The overreaching effort was to convert the entire town to self-reliance, energy neutral at all levels, bring back families in the gentrified city, and revise vehicular and pedestrian circulation within the entire town. All utility systems, building material, re-use and repurpose opportunities, the cost of housing, and financing, environmental justice are all synthesized into one master plan. A business model is the end result. This city is a sample of what can happen for other cities. Profit sharing with the community in an integral part of the plan. Reducing utility cost and being green is set up as a way of life for all of the community.


This is my passion. That’s why I do it. In most cases there was no fee to do any of the work and or services, including all the travel.


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