I’ve written about the NIMBY’s (Not In My Backyard) before in my blog Wealth Inequality. Recently I read about YIMBY’s (Yes In My Backyard). “Pro-Housing Urban Millennials Say "Yes In My Backyard" It’s really a great article It has another take on the NIMBY’s; how neighborhoods or lobbying groups stop or slow down any size project needing any discretionary approvals. YIMBY’s are the complete opposite. So why would I like the idea?

Instead of the richer folks saying I got mine you can’t have yours now or ever, YIMBY’s are working for the future. They are working together for what will be a more environmentally friendly path. It is general planning by the neighborhood. It is planning for a path to true sustainability. It is looking out 7 generations. In the end, neighbors are working together instead of against each other.

I look to the long run. I believe we are supposed to honor our planet and all that it provides us. I am not the type of person who probably will live in any high-density area. However, I know that in an urban environment that is what is appropriate. It works in synergy with mass transportation, utility systems, proximity to most things needed, friends are nearby, and time is not wasted on freeways, open areas can be maintained open, views can be preserved, and many more situations that are positive are created. This is what cities are like all over the world. Even a Greek island has its high-density village with the island open for farming outside the city. The homes and businesses are all interlinked. They come right up to the waterfront and climb the hills leaving the best areas for farming. The best uses are put where it would be the smartest place to put them on a functional base.

Urban areas need to be efficient and functional for all. Work force housing should not be pushed out of the urban area! Affordable housing needs to be integrated within the urban area. Suburbs need to be tied to the city. As the city and suburbs expand into each other that take on the same requirements and the suburb becomes part of the city. Integration and density are the natural course. We cannot fight nature over any length of time. As we screw with the environment, we also need to deal with the consequences. Our weather patterns tell the full story. The homeless and the traffic tell the rest. Look at housing prices. It’s all out of sync. Let’s balance our living patterns and integrate our decisions with the earths patterns. We are a lot smarter now with all the information sources at our fingertips.

Just because we have our own dream does not make it right. The strongest, luckiest, and prettiest don’t have the right to hold back on new directions as a society or community is changing and growing. Change is always happening. In the urban area we, the fortunate need to remember this of our rewards in life and apply them to our community and our society. We need to take the responsibility seriously. Greed, I got mine, good luck to others is not what makes a community. It is not what makes a successful life. If it feels that way, stop and look at what is going on all around you. Be part of your city. Don’t hold back the transformation of the city and the community you choose to live in. Be apart not apart. Be honorable. Let’s make life for all more balanced. When you are old and look back on your choices, I hope you can be comfortable that you lived your life in the present, thinking of the future generations and think I was part of it. I helped grow the society and brought others with me. It is a little bit like a beehive where all the citizens only care about the community, never about themselves. I think there is a middle ground that must be taken.

Peace to all. Let’s all live tighter and play fair thinking of the future.